Save 80% on Employees Cost​

With years of experience in outsourcing and staffing and an office centrally located in the Philippines, we help you attract and hire the best talent abroad at a fraction of the salary you pay at home.

About Staffly

Staffly is a leading outsourcing company, composed of talented individuals with years of experience hiring overseas. We are passionate about our work and about providing high-quality staffing solutions that help reduce your cost and improve your bottom line.

Our expertise is in building high-performance teams that work 24/7, are passionate about their work, and value your company’s mission and vision. By sourcing high-quality talent that is right for you, we help you reduce turnover, lower your overhead and achieve your goals.

Find out how we can help you attract and hire the best talent that will help your company grow.

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How We Help You Save 80% On Employee Cost

We leverage low salaries and the low cost of living abroad to hire talented virtual employees to work for you. We always make sure that employees are adequately compensated according to local standards.

When you hire virtual talent overseas, you won’t have to shoulder benefits, including social security and medical insurance.

Through our strategic location in the Philippines, we have direct access to top talent that is fluent in English and already experienced in working remotely.

Whether you are looking to hire in sales, accounting, operations, customer support, marketing, programming, creativity, or more, we find the best candidates for you.

Most candidates are very familiar with Western culture and have no problem fitting into your existing teams. They are friendly and easily adapt to new professional environments.

Our Hiring Process

Job Requirement

Let us know what your job requirement is so we can match you with an expert.


Talent Sourcing

We look through our pool of candidates to find the right fit for your company.


Interview & Selection

You interview our selections and make decision based on your impressions.



We give you the pricing of the selections and discuss payment arrangements.


Final Placement

We place the candidates into your company.



The candidate(s) start working and provide excellence to your company.


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